About Us

Necessity is the mother of invention. 

Diesel DNA Tuning started with two brothers who chipped in and bought a VW Jetta TDI together. They knew the car had some problems, but they figured they could find a mechanic to get it fixed up. After going through 4 shops, they decided this was a case of if you want it done right, you have to do it yourself.  With the mechanical knowledge they already had, they put their heads together and learned all they could about their TDI.  Once the car was purring like a kitten, they had an “Aha moment”.  If they had trouble, maybe there’s other people having the same problems.  

Diesel DNA Tuning was born.

Two main things came out of that venture:

They wanted their customers to have a different experience than they did. 

They wanted it to be seamless and affordable. Something they did not find anywhere else.  

That was their niche.  Over the next five of years they developed a strong reputation for quality work at a fair price.

Next for the boys was expanding into tuning packages for 2009 to 2015 VW Touareg, Golf, Jetta, Sportwagen TDIs and Audi Q7 & A3 TDIs.

Custom tuning allows you to set up your car for the performance you want from it.  We customize our tunes for each individual customer. Whether you want strictly performance or economy, or a nice balance we will tailor the tune to your desire. 

It is important to all of us at Diesel DNA Tuning that TDI customers get the experience they deserve. Our ongoing research and development means we are continuously improving and love to share our knowledge. We learned over the last decade

Check out our FAQ page for any questions you might have.  It’s likely someone’s already asked it and we have it on the FAQ page!

Honesty, high quality work, and products at fair prices.  That’s Diesel DNA Tuning!