RCP 02Q & 02M Gearbox Reinforced Brace (Plastic End Casing



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RCP 02Q & 02M Gearbox Reinforced Brace (Plastic End Casing)


Fits ALL VW / Audi / Seat and Skoda 6 Speed Manual 02Q Gearboxes & 02M Gearboxes With Plastic End Casing ONLY

One weakness of the 02Q Gearboxes is the cast transmission casing. This can become a major problem especially on vehicles with high torque figures. The problem is caused by high amounts of vibration being transferred through the gears. These vibrations can eventually lead to cracks in the casing and in worst cases, can break away completely leaving a gaping hole in the end of the casing. Usually this destroys all the internals rendering the whole gearbox scrap.

This Reinforced Plate has been specifically designed to prevent this from happening

After experiencing this problem first hand with a few of our high powered diesels (including the MK5 Race Car) we highly recommend this modification for vehicles running 400ft/lbs+ (for petrol and diesel applications)


Depending on the gearbox / clutch / flywheel kit fitted in the 02Q Gearboxes, a gearbox bell housing spacer may be required or if using our 02Q SMF Kit, you may need to swap to an 02M flywheel and space off the CSC for the pressure plate to clear the reinforced plate


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