Piezo Injector Upgrade for Round Port 2.0 TDI CR Engines




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Piezo Injector Upgrade for Round Port 2.0 TDI Common Rail CR Engines

All injectors supplied are all brand new Bosch units and Digitally Calibrated to the most extreme accuracy
These can safely take up to 200bar over the stock 2000bar pressure

Estimated Power Capabilities:

Stock Injectors - 280bhp
Stage 1 - 350bhp
Stage 2 - 400bhp+

These figures are the limit of the injectors. To reach these limits you will also require other supporting mods (see below)

Please Note:

The ECU Software will have to be re-calibrated when fitting these injectors for a smooth idle and safe Exhaust Gas Temperatures (EGT)

We can email Calibration Tables for Stage 1 Free of Charge. We are able to calibrate your Injection Table for £150 + VAT

Please provide the correct VIN / Vehicle Registration Number when checking out so we can ensure you are ordering the correct part

This listing is for 4 Injectors

Steps to be taken when upgrading 2.0 TDI Common Rail Engines

Stock CP4 Fuel Pump will not work with these Injectors, this would cause Limp Mode due to low rail pressure

Upgraded Injectors will also not be effective without head work or cams, but can be installed to shorten the injection duration

Larger Turbo - You will need a turbo capable of the power you are trying to achieve

CP3 Fuel Pump - The stock CP4 Pumps will experience Rail Drain at around 250bhp

CP3 Fuel Pump + Cams (Stock Injectors) - To max out the stock injectors (~280bhp) you will require the CP3 Pump + Cams or Ported Head
For 280bhp+ Upgraded Injectors are Required

CP3 Fuel Pump + Ported Head + Cams + Upgraded Injectors - All these are required to achieve over 300bhp


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